liverpool zine co-op

a liverpool-based co-operative set up to provide a network for zine-makers to share skills and resources.

'Drugs', from Alternative England & Wales

The Liverpool Zine Co-Op is a newly set-up group for zine-makers to share skills, resources and ideas for collective and individual prints and reprints. It was formed as a result of a meeting on 28/02/14 with the intention of providing a platform for anybody around the city who wants to get involved. 

The aim isn’t to produce any one particular zine, but to provide a support network for current and potential zine-makers to come together and work on personal and collaborative projects. 

The size of Liverpool as a city provides an opportunity to create a small but effective community of people willing to come together and be part of something larger. The creation and distribution of content can be difficult to do alone, and the intention of the co-op is to make the process of zine-making more enjoyable, efficient and social.